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In the beginning, Classy Cleaning specialized in residential and commercial services, but the company has grown to meet your needs. It is our goal to be the best in home and office cleaning, restaurant vent-a-hoods cleaning, power washing, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and water restoration and fire restoration. In 2009 our company again expanded our services to fulfill our customers' needs by adding roofing, remodeling, and handyman services.


Residential Cleaning

Your home is your biggest, most personal investment. The professionals at Classy Cleaning will care for your private sanctuary with the same top-to-bottom attention to detail that you would if you had the time.


Commercial Cleaning

A clean work space speaks volumes to your customers and your employees. It says that your company is committed to quality in every detail of its business and leaves absolutely nothing to chance. Your monthly investment with Classy Cleaning will pay big dividends in overall satisfaction.


New Construction Cleaning

A dream home or dream office space doesn't become reality until the proud owners move in. At Classy Cleaning, our professionals can be in the building as soon as the last construction worker leaves, creating a sparkling environment that welcomes the owners as they enjoy their well-earned dreams.


Power Washing

Houses, parking lots, warehouses, and other large expanses of concrete and asphalt present special cleaning challenges. Classy Cleaning's trained professionals have the expertise and equipment to tackle the big jobs, leaving your wide-open spaces clean and allowing you to concentrate on your business. The techniques and equipment the Classy Cleaning team uses are also ideally suited to power washing the exteriors of homes, businesses, and all other types of buildings - large and small.



By law, restaurants must have their exhaust systems cleaned periodically. Classy Cleaning is the only local company with the specialized equipment and trained staff to meet the stringent demands of this type of work. Certified by the International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association (IKECA), Classy Cleaning meets NFPA96 Standards and the standards set forth by the EPA to keep your community safe and clean.


Water Restoration and Fire Restoration

In the aftermath of a water or fire emergency, it is imperative that the damage be corrected as soon as possible, so that you can get back on track. The Classy Cleaning professionals arrive armed with the techniques and equipment to make short work of your biggest problems.



Are you tired of looking through dirty, water-spotted windows? The professionals at Classy Cleaning will give you a crystal clear view of the world outside.


Commercial and Residential Carpet Cleaning

Classy Cleaning attends to your carpet - both residential and commercial with the same thorough attention to detail that we apply to all your other cleaning challenges.


Floor Care

You've made an investment in the quality of your business and home's interior. Keeping your floors clean is key to getting the most from your investment. Our job is to provide this cleaning service professionally and to ensure your peace of mind. Our service goes beyond just cleaning our services include stripping, waxing, buffing and seal coating. Our floor care has expanded to gymnasiums in the public schools.


Remodeling and Handyman Services

Classy Cleaning added a subsidiary company last year, Classy Construction, to offer remodeling and handyman services. Our remodeling customers include SITEL while Goodfellow AFB and Rivercrest are two of our handyman service customers.