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Our Clients

Sitel Corporation/Sitel Tower San Angelo

SITEL is a leading teleservice provider in the US and around the world. SITEL offers inbound call handling for customer service requests, technical support, and order taking. The national company also offers outbound telemarketing, database and list-building services, and direct response marketing. In addition to calling services, SITEL provides outsourcing services covering a number of business functions, including order processing and payroll management. The company now operates more than 145 facilities and call centers in some 30 countries, boasting annual sales of $1.8 billion.

The San Angelo operation has grown to 1,500 employees, operating three, eight-hour shifts every day of the week.


A brief conversation with Temple Kirby, Facility Coordinator, Sitel Corporation-San Angelo

Describe your experience with Classy Cleaning.
The professionals at Classy Cleaning do what they are supposed to do. They stay on top of their jobs and our needs. Whenever I need additional services, they provide what I want, when I want it, without hesitation.

What sets Classy Cleaning apart from the other cleaning services?
Classy Cleaning spends more time making sure that I an happy. If I need them, I call them and they are here, making things right quickly.

What do you think is important for people to know about Classy Cleaning?
The Classy Cleaning people go above and beyond what is expected, and they do it willingly.


West Texas Medical Associates

West Texas Medical Associates (WTMA) brings together primary care providers and surgeons representing 15 different specialties.

Currently, WTMA, which is located in southwest San Angelo, has two buildings on its campus that house some 36 providers, with modern ancillary and imaging services. Services include lab, x-ray, MRIs, CTs and others.

The doctors, nurses and professional staff at WTMA value each and every one of their patients and their right to choose their doctor, and strive daily to demonstrate their respect for each person's dignity. By providing care with board-certified physicians, by excelling in advancements in technology, and by providing caring and friendly service, their patients can experience the WTMA difference.


A brief conversation with Tommy McMahon, Administrator, West Texas Medical Associates

Prior to working with Classy Cleaning, what was your experience with independent cleaning services?
At the time Shannon Carpenter came and spoke to me about Classy Cleaning, West Texas Medical Associates was seriously considering doing all of our cleaning in-house. The cleaning companies that we had used up to that point were plagued by a lot of turnover and their lack of continuity was reflected in the service we received, which was very inconsistent. There were times that the cleaning company would send a new employee to our facility and that employee would have no idea what to do.

What convinced you to give Classy Cleaning a try?

Classy Cleaning was just getting started and I was impressed with Shannon's sincerity and commitment to quality. She and I both knew that if her company was going to succeed, it would need to do an exceptional job for West Texas Medical, which at that time, was her company's largest client. I was confident that WTMA would get the time and attention that we needed -- and we have. I have since referred other potential clients to her.

What services does Classy Cleaning provide to your business?
From the beginning, Shannon took time to understand WTMA's unique needs. Classy Cleaning provides an on-site professional service during business hours to keep our public restrooms clean and to take care of the cleaning emergencies that are an inherent part of the health care profession. We have been pleased to see the same individuals continue with Classy Cleaning, providing a continuity of care for our WTMA staff and facilities. In addition, Classy Cleaning does all the after-hours cleaning of our facilities.

What sets Classy Cleaning apart from the crowd?
Classy Cleaning does a very good job of cleaning, which is vitally important to the medical public. Plus, the company has quickly and efficiently met our special needs. Classy Cleaning takes pride in taking care of its clients.