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Classy Cleaning is Shannon Carpenter's baby. It was born out of frustration.

"I was searching for someone to clean my home," Shannon said. "I went through every listing in the phone book, tracked down every lead I could through friends and associates, and I still couldn't find anyone who would clean my house the way that I wanted it done."

Instead of giving up, Shannon was inspired. Figuring that there were other people who were just as dissatisfied as she was, Shannon launched Classy Cleaning. In one day, she obtained her DBA as Classy Cleaning, retrofitted a trailer that she owned to hold her cleaning equipment, and purchased cleaning supplies to get the business started.

The name Classy Cleaning bespoke her commitment to providing high-end, professional services. The company logo, the crossed laurel branches enclosing a shield, and the company slogan, "The Cadillac of Cleaning Services," were inspired by God and her Escalade that she used to pull her supply trailer.

In the beginning, Shannon was owner, marketer, business manager and crew. Although the hours were grueling, she obtained hands-on experience in every aspect of the business. Through those early struggles, Shannon gained the kind of clear insight into her company's operations that only first-hand experience can provide.

"I was committed to providing the kind of service that I demanded," Shannon said. "Making sure that Classy Cleaning met its customers' needs and exceeded their expectations was my first priority. Whenever Classy Cleaning earned a job, I wanted to create a customer for life."

Classy Cleaning's commitment to quality and personal service was immediately embraced by West Texans, who, as Shannon predicted, had been as frustrated as she was. In just two years, Classy Cleaning has grown from a single crew with a single contract at Lowe's to a multi-faceted cleaning company that is on-track to bill over $1 million this year. Today, the company serves to a wide array of clients throughout West Texas. In addition, the company has recently purchased land adjacent to its warehouse on 3029 West Beauregard in San Angelo. The site will soon serve as corporate headquarters and be home to a state-of-the art training facility.

What has fueled Classy Cleaning's phenomenal growth? A dedication to the basics.

"While Classy Cleaning is expanding its scope, the company never has lowered its standards," Shannon said. "When a Classy Cleaning team pulls up to a home, an office or any other establishment, the owners can be sure that we will pay attention to detail, we will meet their needs, we will respect their property, and we will appreciate their patronage."