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Commercial Cleaning


Commercial Cleaning

Early in Shannon Carpenter's new career as owner of Classy Cleaning, she soon discovered that her philosophy in cleaning could easily be applied to commercial accounts. She and her first employee, Karen Mitchell, launched the commercial department by cleaning Lowe's restrooms and breakroom from 5:30-7:30 each morning. Soon, Shannon began to add commercial accounts and additional cleaning personnel to her resume to present to new clients.

Shannon's success in her janitorial service can be attributed to the initial deep clean. This deep spring cleaning is followed by a scheduled routine "mainintaining" program. The initial clean may involve a crew of 10-12 employees cleaning a facility from top to bottom, scrubbing floors and washing windows and literally cleaning anything that can be touched, except silk plants.

By the end of Classy Cleaning's third year, Shannon added several of the top businesses in San Angelo to her client list: SITEL, Town & Country, Pinnacle at Goodfellow AFB, West Texas Medical Associates, MultChem, AB Distributing, HEB, and Gandy Ink.

Classy Cleaning's employees can be identified on any job, at any time, and on any shift dressed in a Classy Cleaning T-shirt and a photo ID badge.