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About Us

Hometown Pride

Classy Cleaning was born in San Angelo and is West Texas proud. Classy Cleaning is committed to helping San Angelo thrive by providing excellent service in residential cleaning, janitorial services, carpet cleaning, floor care including stripping and waxing, commercial kitchen exhaust system cleaning, and, now, roofing, remodeling, and handyman services. Our management and our employees are your neighbors. We can shake your hand and look you in the eye because we know that we, at Classy Cleaning, are doing our best work every day and in every way for you.


Customer Care

At Classy Cleaning, nothing is more important than the customer's satisfaction, so Classy Cleaning professionals listen to you at every stage of the project. We take into account your wants, your needs, your schedule, and your budget. Then, we apply our experience and expertise to provide you with a customized cleaning solution.


Customized Cleaning Solutions

Every cleaning job is different because every customer is different. At Classy Cleaning, we believe in individual attention. Before Classy Cleaning becomes your cleaning partner, one of our professionals will visit you in your home or business to conduct an assessment. For our San Angelo clients, the initial review is completely cost-free. Out-of-town clients may be subject to a fuel charge.

During the commercial or residential assessment, the professional measures the spaces, listens to your requests and makes additional observations based on experience. Our residential assessments are tailor-made to the client and include factors such as the square footage, the amount of furniture, the number and age of residents, the number and types of pets, and much more.

Then, for our commercial customers, the professional prepares a detailed itemized cleaning plan and quote for your review. The initial cleaning plan is described as a deep spring cleaning which includes all the pertinent services and the preferred schedule. You then review and revise the cleaning plan to meet your specific needs and budget. Our residential customers will also receive a customized quote for services.

Oftentimes, Classy Cleaning professionals make recommendations that save clients money. We know just how often it is necessary to clean windows or dust workspaces to keep that clean, fresh feel - and we don't add unnecessary extras to pad our bottom line. We provide exceptional cleanliness for a fair price.


The Deep Clean

Classy Cleaning succeeds because it maintains exacting standards. In order to establish its baseline of quality, Classy Cleaning conducts a Deep Clean at the beginning of any client relationship. This process involves a team of Classy Cleaning professionals who work together, thoroughly cleaning your home from top to bottom. As we say, "If you can see it or touch it, we will clean it."

Remember, though, Classy Cleaning is a cleaning company, not an organizational or a maid sdrvice. The team does not remove clutter, straighten paperwork, or go into any closed spaces such as drawers, closets or refrigerators without permission.

For residential clients, the Deep Clean, is generally a one-time service and one-time charge, if you enter into a maintenance relationship. For commercial properties, the Deep Clean is required annually.



Once your home or business has been deep cleaned the Classy Cleaning way, you will enter into the "maintaining" phase. During this time, the Classy Cleaning team will perform the tasks on the schedule outlined in your customized cleaning plan.



Classy Cleaning wants to hear from its clients. For our residential customers, each team will be led by an on-site manager. When the team is finished with its top-to-bottom, room-by-room cleaning, the manager will accompany you on a tour of your home. The team will not leave your residence until you are completely satisfied and you tell the team members they can leave.

For commercial clients, managers will periodically stop by your business to talk with you about the service. However, our managers are available to speak to our clients at all times. Our word and our customers are everything to us!



After the initial review, Classy Cleaning will provide a quote for the Deep Clean and the maintenance services. The quote will be revised if the client revises the services requested.

The cost of the Deep Clean is payable upon completion and then Classy Cleaning will establish monthly billing for the maintenance services.

Classy Cleaning is not the most inexpensive cleaning service, but we are the best. Our commitment to quality is what makes Classy Cleaning "The Cadillac of Cleaning Services."



Unless the client requests a contract, Classy Cleaning does not require one. Unfortunately, we've seen contracts lull our competitors into complacency. At Classy Cleaning, we believe we should earn your patronage every time we clean your home or office.